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Everything you need to know about your website – The layman's point of view.

Everything you need to know about your website

The layman's point of view.

I have a small business. Do I need a website?

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This is a very common question that I am often asked about. 

Well, there are numerous benefits to name a few.

First, You can reach to a wider audience, thus reaching more and more people.

Your potential clients may want to know your product and services, the way you work, the assignments completed so far etc. To showcase your completed projects, you may want to have a portfolio page on your website.

You may have a testimonial page of reviews or ratings of existing / past clients so that your customer would know what others think of your work.

From your current experience, you might have realised, you are being asked the same kind of questions from your enquiries. You may keep FAQ page as a part of your website.

Thus, your business will remain open 24/7 globally as well, covering all the time zones.

How much will the website cost?

  • The cost involved may include development fees to the developer.

This may vary depending upon the complexity of the web pages, if they are static ( information only ) or dynamic (database, e-commerce etc).

  • The domain name fees
The unique name of your website is the domain name.
This can be free if the hosting provider has this offer or some amount payable to the domain provider for a year or multiple years.

  • The website hosting fees
Website hosting means, the storage space allocated to you on the web server. This is payable to the hosting provider for a year or multiple years.

Tip: Buying domain and hosting for more than one year turns out cheaper than just for a year.

  • Any other graphic design fees
For example logo designing, any special imagery etc.

  • Fees for creating your Social media profiles for you to use.
You can get your Facebook page designed, youtube channel, instagram account, twitter account created.

How much time will be needed for my website to be up and running?

The first time needed will be for gathering all the information that you wish to put on your website.

Depending on the feasibility, all that is possible to put, will be showed to you in the form of mock-up or layout or as we call it , a wireframe of the website.

When the layout is finalised, your content are put at the relevant places.
If you have your color scheme ready in your mind, the contents are ready, then, this time will be saved. Also, you need to have domain name ( eg. decided.
When all key points, like logo, layout, contents etc are finalised, the site is ready to go live.

Once the domain name, and hosting are purchased, the site can be uploaded.

Voila! It is up and running! Congratulations!

Do I start getting clients straight away?

The answer is – may or may-not!

Once your site is up and running, it needs to be made SEO friendly ie, Search Engine Optimisation must be done. There are various companies that specialise in it. You may also ask your website developing company for your site.

Secondly, you also need to do digital marketing. Again, there are specialised companies doing the same or your developing company might help you with this.

It may take 3 months to 6 months for the web traffic to notice your web presence through search engine. Although you can get your visiting cards printed with the website on it, as well as mouth publicity helps.

So, hopefully now you have your doubts cleared about your website, and can go ahead and get your website done.


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